I.1) Visa types

  1. Visa picking at the International airports on arrival
  2. Visa picking at the Embassy of Vietnam in your country

I.2) Documents needed

  1. Your VALID passport (your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the starting date of the internship, and must be valid for all the internship period)
  2. Visa Approval letter (ONLY your employer can get it for you from Vietnam Immigrant Office)
  3. Visa application form (goo.gl/KH5VW5)
  4. 2 photos size 4×6 cm

I.3) Steps for Visa application

  • Step 1. Wait for Visa Approval Letter from your employer
  • Step 2. Prepare other documents as listed above in I.1
  • Step 3. Receive visa as decision written in Visa Approval Letter (seeing I.1)

I.4) Valid status of Visa

E.g: If Duration on your Visa Approval Letter/ or Visa is “15.08.2017 – 12.10.2018”,

  • the 1st day you can enter Vietnam is 15.08.2017
  • the last day you can stay in Vietnam is 11.10.2017

I.5) Fees

  • Prepare 25 – 50 USD in cash for 1-3 months single entry.
  • Or prepare 65 USD in cash for less than 1 months multiple entries
  • Or Prepare 95 USD in for 3 months multiple entries or 135 USD for 6 months multiple entries.
  • Payment: in VND or USD

I.5) Notes

  • IAESTE Vietnam will assist Employers to apply Visa Approval Letter for you
  • TOURISM Visa is illegal. Your visa for internships in Vietnam must be “DH(student/ internship visa), or “DN” (working visa).
  • Your employer can ONLY apply Visa Approval Letter for you in earliest of 90 days before your starting date of the internship.
  • In some cases, to get Visa Approval Letter from Vietnam Immigrant Office, you will be required to submit airline tickets reservation. (We will contact you if we need this documents). (***)
  • To students of these nationalities: Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Yemen, Zambia, Bolivian, Iran, Israel  – You should ONLY purchase airline tickets after receiving Visa Approval Letter from your employer/ or when we contact you to ask for it (in case ***).

Hopefully, this Guide will provide students who are about to do IAESTE internships in Vietnam with useful tips for your Visa Application.

Welcome to Vietnam for IAESTE Internships!


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