IAESTE Vietnam respectfully thanks and appreciates the enthusiastic contribution and support of the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin, Vietsoc Berlin – Potsdam, Ms. Ta Kim Lien, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thanh, Ms. Hang Truong, Ms. Bao Tram, October Club, Vereinigung der Vietnamesen in Berlin und Brandenburg e.V and Vietnamese students in Berlin, Germany.

IAESTE Vietnam would like to share again the sharing from Ms. Bao Tram, President of Vietsoc Berlin – Potsdam:

It was a great honour for us to join and support IAESTE Vietnam at the International Evening of the 71.Annual Conference in Berlin. It was a delightful experience learning other cultures and sharing love and joy with students from all around the world.✈️

Beside the many delicious and special foods 🍗🍲🍜and drinks served by the IAESTE Germany, we had an opportunity to taste many specialities and enjoy diverse cultural traditional performances from more than 70 countries. Vietsoc wants to express our deepest thanks to all supporters and volunteers, who contributed to the success of this event. It would have never been the same without you!

A big thank you to Cậu lạc bộ văn nghệ for such a wonderful performance “Trống Cơm”. We really enjoyed and felt very proud to have you guys as cooperator for this proud event. But it would not been so successful without a help and support from Ms. Kim Lien Ta (Thang 10 Club) and Mr. Thanh from Vietnamese Association in Berlin and Brandenburg. A deepest thank to all supporters and volunteers.

We wish IAESTE Vietnam all the best and see you soon in Berlin!

Regarding Vietsoc Berlin – Potsdam:
Vietsoc Berlin – Potsdam is an organization to gather Vietnamese students or young people studying and working in Berlin & Potsdam.

Vietsoc Berlin – Potsdam’s purposes include:

* Update & share information about life of Vietnamese students or young people studying and working in Germany.

* Share experience & support Vietnamese young people to prepare for their study and life in Germany generally and in Berlin – Potsdam particularly.

* Connect Vietnamese students in Germany to create and develop a friendly exchange community.

***Fanpage of Vietsoc Berlin-Potsdam***

IAESTE Vietnam hopes for an early reunion with Vietsoc Berlin-Potsdam.