Hello guys,

On January 30th 2018, Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) and IAESTE Vietnam successfully organized the 1st Orientation Meeting in 2018 with the purpose of welcoming 4 students from JECRC University, India: Raj Parwani, Rudraksha, Prakshit, Prekshit.

The participants included: Mr. Phan Thanh Dat – Staff who is responsible for managing IAESTE Program at TNUT and Ms. Bui Thanh Huong – Coordinator of IAESTE Vietnam, Indian and Thailand trainees, TNUT students and volunteers of IAESTE Vietnam.

To begin with, IAESTE volunteers broke the ice by hosting the interesting game named “Passing Ball”, which gave Vietnamese, Thailand and Indian students chances to introduce themself as well as dance and sing excitingly.

Next, Mr. Phan Thanh Dat introduced generally about TNUT and provided Indian trainees with important information to orientate themselves for excellent internship completion at TNUT. Besides, Ms. Bui Thanh Huong shared with them some of the basic information about Vietnam such as: Cuisine, currency, services, traffic, security and travel destinations in Thai Nguyen particularly and in Vietnam generally. Furthermore, they were also instructed how to communicate basically in Vietnamese language. Although this was such a tough challenge for them, they tried their best to speak a little Vietnamese, which surprised Vietnamese students.

This Orientation Program also gave Ida- Thailand trainee the opportunity to share about her internship experience at TNUT. Simultaneously, it was also the occasion for Indian students to bring their country closer to Vietnam by their unique, meaningful and plentiful presentation reappearing their colourful country of various cuisine, lovely people and reputed destinations in some large cities.

Especially, the program happened excitingly with funny games, energetic songs and dances; which helped narrow the distance, break the limits, and connect attendants.

TNUT & IAESTE Vietnam hope that the 1st Orientation Meeting in 2018 helped Indian trainees to have a clear orientation about the internship at TNUT as well as life in Vietnam. Hopefully, Indian students will confidently integrate and successfully complete the intership at TNUT!

IAESTE Vietnam would like to give our deepest thank to TNUT, ITC-TNUT; especially Mr. Phan Thanh Dat for your cooperation with IAESTE Vietnam in organizing the 1st Orientation Meeting in 2018.

Hopefully, TNUT & IAESTE keep maintaining and developing our close-knit cooperation in 2018.

Hope for a blooming year of IAESTE Vietnam!!!


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