HUU Nghi school : Karolina’s Gorn internship reflection

In the end of winter of 2017 I started to searching for internships, and I found IAESTE organization which gives opportunity to go for some great internships all over the world. So after few days a decided to join them and find something for me as well.

The choice to make was very hard, there was a lot of offers form different countries, but in some point I decided to visit Huu Nghi School in Vietnam, because they offered work as a teacher in STEM lessons for primary students. I had never done it before so I thought I will try, because maybe it’s the right path for me.

My first day in Vietnam were crazy, everything was new, and I felt a little bit lost, but my supervisor Ms. Nga and her daughters where so kind and open that I can’t feel alone any more. On my first week I have a lot of time to adapt to climate and figured out what kind of lessons are most interesting for me. So I attend to English lessons at kindergarten and at primary school, but in the end I chose STEAM lessons in primary school.

Work with kids bring me a lot of fun, even if sometimes they did not understand everything what I said there was always teacher or someone who can translate everything to them. We made a lot of experiments and play games and that was the best part of work at school. On other days I spend in office work on STEAM lessons and experiments plans. We also take a part with every special occasions in school like first day of school, trip to the beach and goat farm. Those was opportunities to know better kids, teachers but also the culture. For example we had to wear traditional Vietnamese dresses at the first day of school and play some logistic games with kids on the beach, that kind of work in groups make us get to know each other better.

After work I had a lot of time to get better known city and how life is look like here. It was quite hard because a have to do it on my own and not a lot of people speaks English. So most of time we spend time with 3 other foreigners so it wasn’t so bad. We had some great trip to Cat Ba island (with I recommend to everyone!), Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen where we meet a lot of great and very open people from all over the world.

I’m really glad that I choose Vietnam for summer internship. I had tried some many different cuisines and see a lot of fantastic places, and meet a great people. That will be the best memories for me.