The Office of Technology Research and International Cooporation has recently associated with IAESTE Vietnam in order to hold the Workshop tittled “IAESTE WORKSHOP 2018” at the Hall on the fifth floor, C1 Building, ICTU.

The workshop was attended by ICTU’s Board, lecturers and nearly 200 students from different specializations. It brought students a new experience with a totally new approach. With the goal of providing objective, full and correct information about IAESTE as well as the 96 international internship opportunities for Vietnamese students in 2018, the organizer focused mostly on exploring students’ need in finding program’s information; especially, the game answering questions related to IAESTE and offers. As a result, students not only accessed information about IAESTE program actively but were also excited with interesting presents from the organizer. The internship opportunities’ introduction also gave students useful information such as the way reading an offer (a full job description for each internship opportunity) and how to choose a suitable offer. Besides, students were guided about application steps and were answered questions related to IAESTE.

It was expected that after the workshop,students would find at least one internship opportunity abroad and apply for an internship so that they could travel, work, discover and experience in an international working environment

The workshop has strengthened the relationship between ICTU and IAESTE Vietnam.

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