On 19 July 2017, IAESTE Vietnam organized Welcome 09 to welcome a new trainee Imran from the UK and Goodbye 01 to award IAESTE Internship Completion Certificate for Shreyas and Allen at Vivu Coffee (No 1, Phan Boi Chau str,Thai Nguyen City).
At the meeting, Imran had chance to introduce about himself, his university and country. Especially, Imran is a close friend of Douglas, an IAESTE alumni in Vietnam in 2016. Douglas did an excellent IAESTE internship at EDS Overseas Study and Training Company; therefore, he encouraged Imran to apply for a similar internshipin 2017 and that was the reason why we could meet such a friendly new friend Imran on Welcome 09.

Regarding Shreyas and Allen,

Shreyas – intern at Vietnam – Hungary Technology University shared that she had a great time in Vietnam. She had opportunities to work on a technical projects with some Vietnamese students at Vietnam – Hungary University. She was also taken to visit some places like Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, etc…. Shreyas enjoyed Vietnamese foods, and she loved everyone she met in Vietnam; but she wanted to go home where her Mom can cook Indian meals for her.
“Even though Vietnam is great, i still want to go home to spend time with family and continue pursuing my Bachelor Degree at University!”

Allen – intern at Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) was happy, and also a little sad to say Goodbye. Allen told everyone that his internship project in Vietnam was easy to conduct, so it didn’t make him stressful. Allen did not do much travelling in here, but he was welcomed by many Vietnamese friends.
He loved every moment in Vietnam, and wished to come back in the upcoming years.

We laughed so loud with their speech and we saw our youth in their sharings.

We realize that we are still young to dream of pursuing our career, discovering the new lands and adapting with new cultures as Nilom – an Indian intern at TNUT said that:

Don’t exist! Live!
Let do an IAESTE Internship Worldwide to Work, Discover & Experience!
Big thanks to Nilom for your amazing photos of Welcome 09 and Goodbye 01: