IAESTE VIET NAM would like to congratulate Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) for your having been awarded the PRIZE: “LONG STANDING SUPPORT EMPLOYER RECOGNITION” – “IAESTE INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYER AWARDS”.

This PRIZE is really a big and meaningful recognition from the Board of IAESTE A.s.b.l & IAESTE in over 80 IAESTE countries members for the ongoing contribution of TNUT to IAESTE by actively promoting the exchange programme and providing traineeship for international students over 5 years.

Particularly, TNUT has had big and continual contribution to promote the IAESTE programme, through providing many internship opportunities for international IAESTE students and sending students at TNUT for IAESTE internships all over the world.

Besides, TNUT has been coorperating enthusiastically with IAESTE Vietnam to organize a plenty of IAESTE development programs such as “IAESTE Introduction Workshop” and “Orientation Meeting” for international trainees.

At TNUT, the IAESTE program is managed by the International Training Cooperation Center- ITC. For international IAESTE students, ITC manages applications, supports international students with immigration procedures, provides pick-up, arranges accommodation, connects international students with Specialized Faculties, cooperates with IAESTE in managing international IAESTE students, ensuring that international IAESTE students have a meaningful and effective professional internships at TNUT.

For students at TNUT, ITC provides detailed information about IAESTE program and supports them in completing their applications to apply for IAESTE internship opportunities in the world.

Regarding main activities of international trainees at TNUT: doing their professional internship, doing scientific research, enrolling in Advanced program, attending extra- curricular activities (supporting TNUT’s students to practice English language, joining multi-cultural exchange enviroment).


Regarding TNUT
Thai Nguyen University of Technology has been experiencing over 50 years of foundation and development with the mission of training undergraduate and postgraduate students with many important fields not only in Vietnam but also all over the world (Electricity, Electronics, Engineering, Industrial Economics, Automotive, Engineering, Construction & Environment). In addition to specialized fields taught in Vietnamese language, the school also offers two Advanced Programs trained in English language (Mechanical & Electrical).

TNUT has gradually affirmed its position as a prestigious public university in training high quality undergraduate and postgraduate human resources; having been a reliable cooperation and investment destination for domestic and international training and research institutions and enterprises.

Read more information about TNUT here :http://tnut.edu.vn


Regarding International Training Cooperation Center ( ITC)

ITC is responsible for advising the Principal on the management, implementation, organization and development of foreign-based training and other tasks assigned by the Principal.Through the situations in reality and coordination with the departments inside and outside TNUT,ITC studies and proposes to the Principal about the objectives, development orientation, the type of training with foreign elements to develop the undergraduate and post-graduate training programs at TNUT.
Read more ITC information here: http://itc.tnut.edu.vn/

Hopefully, TNUT & IAESTE Vietnam will maintain & promote the close-knit cooperation in developing the IAESTE Exchange Program in order to create the international education & training environment in TNUT particularly and in Vietnam generally.

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