On 11 – 12 Nov, IAESTE Vietnam National Office successfully organized IAESTE DAY 2017 with the participation of Board of IAESTE Vietnam, Employers including Universities and Companies associating with IAESTE Vietnam, Alumni, Trainees, Volunteers, English clubs, Student Organizations and students interested in IAESTE programs.

IAESTE DAY 2017 included 4 programs: International Party, Workshop: IAESTE – Work – Discover – Experience, Culture Night and Discovery Trip.

I. International Party: 09.00 – 13.00, 11 Nov 2017

IAESTE International Party, the first program of IAESTE DAY 2017, was the opportunity for Vietnamese and International IAESTE trainees to exchange and enjoy the various foods of many areas in the world.

Vietnamese students and IAESTE trainees/ students from Korea, Switzerland, Japan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Slovenia, Timor – Leste, Poland, Bolivia, etc carefully prepared the foods of their countries such as: Nem (Spring rolls), Bún chả, Korean Mixed Rice), Swiss Chocolate Pondue, Hayashi Rice, Bramboráky, Tom Yam Kung, Miške, etc.

The delicious and attractive foods were decorated based on the culture of each country, creating a plentiful cuisine party. All participants want to enjoy this party at least one more time in life!

II. Workshop: IAESTE – Work – Discover – Experience, 14.30 – 17.00, 11 Nov 2017

The Workshop was an opportunity for Board of IAESTE Vietnam to assess the Students Exchange Results during 11 years of operation, for Employers to share about their cooperation with IAESTE Vietnam in receiving and supervising international students for internship in Vietnam; and for generations of IAESTE Alumni/ Interns share about their experience of practical training, or the journey of discovering nature, people, culture of the countries where they did the IAESTE internships.

III) Culture Night: 19.30 – 22.00, 11 Nov 2017

IAESTE Culture Night happened excitingly and surprisingly with both traditional and modern singing and dancing performances from  not only Vietnamese but also IAESTE interns and international students.

IV. Discovery trip: 09.00 – 17.00, 12 Nov 2017

The adventurous trip to Dat Dang Waterfall, Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province was the last route of IAESTE DAY 2017 in Vietnam. IAESTE Vietnam’ s Volunteers and IAESTE Trainees shared a happy time together, did the sight-seeing, and enjoyed the Barbecue.

V. Highlight of IAESTE DAY 2017


The IAESTE Dance and “ Welcome to Vietnam” Flashmob Dance were the opening performances of the “Workshop: Work- Discover – Experience” and “Culture night”. Never in 11 years of operation had IAESTE Vietnam seen an IAESTE Dance performance that attracted the attendance of a big number of volunteers, trainees and students as in  IAESTE Day 2017.

That the IAESTE Dance was energetically performed completely showed that: “IAESTE Spirit has spread out more and more widely in Vietnam”.

  1. Board of IAESTE Vietnam shared about the development of IAESTE in Vietnam

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Phu, National Secretary and Ms. Bui Thanh Huong, National Exchange Coordinator showed their happiness with the rapid development of IAESTE in Vietnam, emphasized the efforts of IAESTE Vietnam’s staff, associating Employers, Alumni, Trainees, Volunteers in maintaining and promoting IAESTE programs; as well as shared about the obstacles with which IAESTE Vietnam have coped during 11 years of operation.

  1. Employers and trainees from Hanoi attended IAESTE Day in Thai Nguyen & awarded IAESTE Internships Completion Certificates for Vietnamese IAESTE Alumni

Despite the busy schedule and far distance, Employers and trainees in Hanoi attended IAESTE Day. They were “TT-As Architecture Construction Consulting Joint Stock CompanyTOP TEN BCI-ASIA” and “Viet – Hung Industrial University”.

They both gave a lot of positive opinions in associating with IAESTE Vietnam to receive and supervise international students for IAESTE internships.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa, Head of Administrative Department of TT-As SJC awarded IAESTE Internships Completion Certificates for Vietnamese IAESTE Alumni who have returned Vietnamese from their IAESTE internships in 2017: Ms. Tran Khanh Ly & Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa (student at the International School – Thai Nguyen University), Ms. Tran Khanh Linh (student at Hanoi Law University) and Mr. Nguyen Duy Khanh (student at Hanoi National University).


  1. IAESTE Vietnam’s Volunteer Team

21 excellent Volunteers dedicated their time, youth and efforts for the careful preparation and successful operation of the event IAESTE DAY 2017.

  1. IAESTE Couple & their 11.000 km-cycling-journey from Hungary to Vietnam

Mrs. Dong Linh – Vietnamese IAESTE Alumni in Finland and Mr. Sas Peter -Hungarian IAESTE Alumni in Vietnam met each other when attending activities held by IAESTE Vietnam years ago. As a destiny, they fell in love with each other and got married. Their 11.000 km-cycling journey passed 13 countries from Europe to Asia (Hungary – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Greece – Iran – Sri Lanka – India – Nepal – Thailand – China – Vietnam). At the Workshop, they shared a lot of interesting things about the lands they came, as well as the good people who had treated them as closely as members of a family. They humorously finished their presentation:

We rode bicycles from Europe to Vietnam to attend IAESTE DAY. Hopefully, there will be more people to become one of us – IAESTE. IAESTE has changed our lives. We are much different compared to 6 years ago.

Accidentally, the staff from International Training Cooperation Centre,
Thai Nguyen University of Technology where Mr. Peter used to do IAESTE internships appeared and awarded the nice flowers to Ms. Peter and Mrs. Dong Linh for their wonderful sharing about their 11.000-km-cycling journey.

  1. IAESTE Alumni shared about their internships in India

Ms. Nguyen  Thi  Hoa and Ms. Vu Thi  Khanh Ly, students at the International School – Thai Nguyen University, IAESTE Alumni at JECRC University, India shared about their internship of doing research in the field of tourism, the cultural knowledge they experienced (wearing Saree – traditional costumes of India people, enjoying Indian cuisine, drawing Henna, etc); and destinations they visited during their time in India such as: Taj Mahah– 01 in 07 Wonders of the World, Hawa Mahal Palace,  Udaipur – “The city of Lakes” – “Venice of the East”, etc.

  1. A lot of wishes, gifts and videos from Employers and Alumni.

Employers, IAESTE Alumni and trainee gave a lot of wishes and gifts to IAESTE Vietnam, which was a big encouragement for further development. Especially, the videos sent by IAESTE Alumni strongly motivated the participants of IAESTE DAY 2017 due to sincere and inspiring sharings on IAESTE experience of IAESTE Alumni.

  1. Host of the event: Belgian IAESTE trainee

Belgian IAESTE trainee – Blerta Osmanaj did a great job as one of two hosts of the IAESTE DAY 2017. Blerta looked so amazing and graceful in Ao dai – Vietnamese Dress. Attendants of the event were totally impressed with her sweet voice and professional working style at the position of the MC of the event.

  1. IAESTE Catwalk Show & Vietnamese Traditional “Sạp” Dance

The Catwalk Show and “Sạp” Dance (Bamboo Dance) took place at the end of Culture Night. IAESTE trainees, volunteers and international students wore and performed the traditional costumes of each country. Many trainees wore beautiful “Ao dai” – Vietnamese Traditional Costumes. Some wore costumes of Ethnic minority in Vietnam.

“Sap” Dance was the last performance of Culture Night. All audiences came to the stage to do this dance together with IAESTE’s volunteers and trainees.

  1. Feedbacks about IAESTE DAY 2017

Employers, Alumni, Trainees, Volunteers and other participants showed their happiness when attending IAESTE DAY 2017 and expressed their expectation for IAESTE DAY 2018.

IAESTE Vietnam would love to send our sincere thanks and gratitude to all individuals and organisations who have contributed to the success of IAESTE DAY 2017 in Vietnam in particular, and to the development of IAESTE Vietnam during 11 years of operation in general.