The weather seems like “it’s not my cup of tea”. That’s obviously true because you could never know what would happen. It could be sunny then spontaneously raining and snowing on a day. It’s totally worth experiencing one of the most intriguing and charming features in Switzerland.

I had an opportunity to be granted for a 6-month internship in Switzerland via IAESTE Organization. During the internship, I had experienced my knowledge as well as practical skills at Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG, which is one of the biggest food companies in Switzerland. I worked in Quality Control and Assurance Department. My jobs in laboratory with different projects comprised are quality control of incoming raw materials, by- products and final products, using relevant analytical methods in laboratory-system and assistance in the product research and development.

My colleagues are so friendly and so kind. They often celebrated small parties after work at their own houses. Thank for those parties, I get to know Swiss tradition and specialties (cheese fondue and raclette are definitely worth tasting). Moreover, the company offered annual outdoor activities for employees as Ski-weekend held on Swiss Alps, or QS-E Day at Swiss Biolytix AG in Basel.

Switzerland itself is quite small and its transportation is very convenient, so you can make trips everywhere. If you love sightseeing, you should definitely go to Bern, Geneva or Zurich. Those places are just breathtaking at the first sight. Besides, there are still many amazing and beautiful places in Switzerland

I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of IAESTE Organization. They helped me at the very first steps as sending my resume to company, summiting my visa and arranging my accommodation in Switzerland. There were weekly meetings as well as monthly trips organized for IAESTE members. By these ways, I could get to know many friends from various countries. For sure, you would have wonderful time together at bars or lakes.

Now I still remember my feelings at the very first moments when I applied for the practical training in Switzerland. I held my breath when reading the response from IAESTE. My joy seems to be blooming when I knew I got the great opportunity to be a trainee at a big company in Europe. However, I refused this offer at first. I told my problems to Ms Huong and Ms Gaby, who are working for IAESTE Vietnam and IAESTE Switzerland. Then, Ms Gaby offered the second opportunity and said that I would never regret. Now, I realised her saying was truly right. I never felt regret and really enjoyed every moment during the internship in Switzerland.

To anyone considering an internship with IAESTE, I would strongly recommend! Not only could you gain the work experience, but the opportunity to spend your blossoming youth for a completely different culture. Let’s make your own unforgettable internship!

By Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tra

Student at Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology

IAESTE Alumni at Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG, Poland.