On the occassion of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, IAESTE Vietnam would love to pray all the best for everyone: Health, Success, Happiness, Fortune & Luck.

IAESTE Vietnam will make all efforts to maintain and develop IAESTE Professional Internships Exchange Programs with a view to changing lives of not only Vietnamese but also International Young People all around the world.

With the Close-knit cooperation of Employers in Vietnam and in the World, the Enthusiastic support of Support Team (Volunteers), we are Committed to:

*** Recruiting Qualified interns who can contribute to the Success of Companies, Enterprises, Colleges, Universities & other Educational Institutions

*** Providing Undergraduate Students Sources of Amazing Internship Opportunities so that young people can WORK at the International Working Environment, DISCOVER New Destinations, and EXPERIENCE the Various Cultures.

We would love to show our deepest thanks and gratitude to all Employers and Support Team for your great contribution to the development and success of IAESTE Vietnam.

Hopefully, all Employers training IAESTE interns will become Global Employers;

& all Vietnamese/ International Trainees doing IAESTE Internships, as well as IAESTE Volunteers, will become Potential Global Citizens due to the knowledge, skills and experiences you’ve achieved from IAESTE.