Warm greetings from IAESTE Vietnam,

Congratulations on your excellently winning the IAESTE internship in Vietnam in 2018!

Here is a brief guide for you with Visa Application, Tips for life, etc so that you can prepare for your internship.

  1. Acceptance Notes

– Please sign and send back to IAESTE in your country and iaestevietnam@gmail.com also.

– For time of arrival, you can write “in process” in case you have not booked the flight

– Notes: In some Acceptance Note, dates are extended, but just for Visa, not for internships. You can go here as your wanted time.

  1. Join these groups for Incoming



  1. Detail IAESTE Vietnam ‘ Guide for international IAESTE trainees


  1. Visa Application


  1. Tips for life in Vietnam (Pick up on arrival, accommodation,….)


  1. Support from IAESTE Vietnam for you:


  1. Activities by IAESTE Vietnam


  1. Tips for tourism


  1. Introduction on Vietnam (geography, history, language, etc)


  1. Cuisine Paradise


Please read all those links carefully! Hopefully, you will find them useful for you! Please feel free to contact us for any questions!

  1. Contact

Emails: iaestevietnam@gmail.com/

or: official@iaestevietnam.org

Fanpage: fb.com/iaestevietnam

Facebook group: fb.com/groups/iaestevietnam

We are looking forward to meeting you! Welcome to Vietnam!!!

With warm regards,

IAESTE Vietnam