Vietnam is one of the most culturally rich countries, which attracts a large number of tourists annually. One of the major cultural attraction of Vietnam is the diversity cuisine. In fact, each part of Vietnam has different specialties, therefore, both foreign and domestic visitors can try different flavors wherever they go in Vietnam.

Firstly, in the Northen of Vietnam, people are very graceful and polite, so they enjoy light, simple and watery food. That is why Pho is their iconic dish, as it is a very light, nutition and simple noodle soup.

Secondly, in the central of Vietnam, such as Hue, the weather is very cold, so local people here have spicy and flavory dishes. Com Hen, or Mussel Rice, is one of the most popular dishes in Hue. It used to be a royal dishes as Hue is the former capital of Vietnam.

Last but not least, in the Southern area, where big cities like Ho Chi Minh city is located, people here are living in very fast pace. That is why their favorite dish here is Banh Mi, or Vietnamese bread. Recorgnized as one of the best sandwiches in the world, Banh Mi is always worth a try.

In conclusion, there are variety kinds of food in Vietnam, and most of them are very famous internationally. So by coming to Vietnam, travelers will sure be satified in this cuisine paradise.

By Minh Trieu, a Vietnamese IAESTE applicant – 2017

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