Of all Vietnamese students sent by IAESTE Vietnam (a cooperate member of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience – IAESTE), we ourselves have been strongly impressed with a special IAESTEr who successfully applied  for IAESTE internships for 3 years during her time studying at International School – Thai Nguyen University. Concretely, Hang Nguyen did two internships at the Napier University, the UK in 2014 (Aug – Sep) and in 2015 (Aug – Oct), and one internship at Escuela de Administración y Mercadotécnia del Quindío, Colombia in 2016 (Jul – Nov).

In spite of having finished excellently 2 internships in the UK in 2014 and 2015, she experienced a hard time to persuade her family to allow her to apply for an internship in Colombia. Because of the fact that there wasn’t the Embassy of Vietnam in Colombia, her family disapproved her determination of applying for an internship there. However, being inspired by a Colombian lecturer called Daniel Villa who taught Business at ISTNU and a Colombian trainee called “Danilo Sanchez” who did an IAESTE internship at ISTNU, Hang decided to keep her mind to take the opportunity. Luckily, her careful Application package and her impressing CV attracted the University named Escuela de Administración y Mercadotécnia del Quindío and they agreed to welcome her as a trainee there.

At the last minute, her parents said they they wouldn’t support totally for her internship, which meant she had to pay for her return ticket to Colombia. Honestly, being a Coordinator of IAESTE Vietnam, I even did not dare to contact her to ask if she would decide to go to Colombia or not. I knew that the price of airline ticket to Colombia was too high for an undergraduate student at that time, especially in a country where each student spent only around 2.000.000 VND (equivalent to 90 USD) for all living expenses in a month. Finally, to deal with too expensive ticket of over 2.000 USD, Hang save money and borrowed money from her close friend, who encouraged her a lot in application process for the internship. And now besides her job as a staff at International Cooperation Department at her University, she has done some business part-time to save money to return her friend.

During her time in Colombia, besides working as a trainee teacher teaching English language and Business Administration for students at Escuela de Administración y Mercadotécnia del Quindío University, Hang was selected to be a part of a Government Project aiming at exporting bikes into Vietnam market. As a member of the project, Hang was confident to make a presentation on Vietnam country and Vietnam market in front of many Colombian leaders at a conference.

The internship in Colombia finished after 4 months of precious moments. She shared her knowledge with students, and made all efforts to learn and adapt in life of a country which is completely different from Vietnam. Similarly, she was welcomed and treated as a real daughter of Colombia.

Hang returned Vietnam and she graduated from her University. Due to her excellent academic achievements, good skills and behaviors, she has been recruited as a staff at International Cooperation Department of her University. She still connects closely with IAESTE Vietnam. She has helped us promote IAESTE programs by writing dairy sharing her IAESTE experience and making Livestream video to encourage students to apply for IAESTE internship to get practical skills at international environment, discover the new lands and exchange culture. If any students ask her on IAESTE program, she is always willing to answer their questions, motivate them and share her experience.

Personally, Hang is a typical IAESTEr that has motivated and inspired young people a lot. Hopefully, more and more students will learn from her and fly higher with IAESTE program.

Thanh Huong,

Coordinator, IAESTE Vietnam